Thursday, October 28, 2010


Forgive me readers, it's been two months since my last confession.

I'm speaking tomorrow at the BlissDom Canada conference. Which seems fitting, because as this blog has evolved, I've searched for and found my bliss. I just don't make time for it very often -- at least, I haven't made time to write about my bliss as of late.

I'm speaking about Monetizing Your Blog, which is interesting, considering I've never sold an ad here, nor do I do any selling at my day job at But I promise it's going to kick ass, because as a result of my non-selling, my point-of-view might surprise you.

I make money chasing my bliss. Which is writing. I love playing with words, love finding puns, playing with cliches and aliteration. That's what I get to do all day and get paid for it. Coming up with short bits of goodness is a fun way to spend your day. Helping other writers find and hone their voice, well that's the part of being an editor that I absolutely love. (I could do without spreadsheets and budgets, which would be no surprise to my lovely boss, but I get to them eventually too.)

On rare occasions, I get to exercise my writing muscles in longer format. Most recently I came home to find this awesome sauce in the mail and plunked it down in front of my dad. We all proudly stared at my byline; my mom squeezed me extra tight. It felt good.

I read it aloud to my kids (well, kid. Lucy's attention span was diverted to Silly Bandz or some shit. Not enough pics to keep her interested.). Nate, started to get disgruntled at first. "You shoulda put ME in there, right there where you said dad was a baseball fan!" Just wait, I told him, be patient.

Nate, who can now READ! spotted Lucy's name and got giggly. I kept going. I read his name aloud. He beamed. I was fair, I gave them two mentions a-piece like a good mommy should. Then I got to the last sentence. He leapt into my lap and hugged me, "Mmmm, Mama."

Doing what you love feels good. Getting paid to do what you love gives you validation and a reason to keep going. Having an editor believe in you, your talent, your style, enough to take a chance on you is immensely gratifying. If you can't make it to my session tomorrow, I'm basically going to be telling you one thing: Stop selling yourself short. Set your price, figure out what your time is worth and then don't accept anything less.

Take Me South to the Ballgame by Nadine Silverthorne is in the November issue of Canadian Geographic Travel, on newsstands now. You can also read me every Monday on my SweetMama blog/column Silver Spoons.

I'll be back here from time to time, I promise. I just hafta figure out how to add that 8th day to my week.


Kelly said...

Congratulations! It's wonderful to see your own name in print. I wish I could attend your conference.

mapsgirl said...

The panel is great!! I checked out this post when you said that up updated your blog :)

Congrats on the article! And so great to see you at Blissdom :)