Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Good between the Bad and the Ugly

I do love when I write something I'm not too sure of, only to find this amazing circle of awesomeness that I think is only possible in the world of blogs. As in, you guys commenting to say my post makes you feel like you're not alone, well that makes me feel like I'm not alone. Isn't it great how that works out? *virtual group hug*

But to get THIS LINK in my comments? Well people, my friend Marla Good and her family of good Goods, Steve and Josie, live up to their family name to the point I might write the Pope and nominate them for future beatification. (Though that'd just piss off their alternative values, so I'll stick to whiskey and cake.)

You see, in the midst of all yesterday's chaos, I needed a professional photo taken a) for our website and b) for a workshop I'm giving in September. (More to come on that!) So I called on the one friend with a good camera and a good eye who would be good enough to make a bit of time for me and do a good job. (You see?!)

I could tell you all about my experience modelling for Marla, but she does so much better a job of it. I couldn't possibly do it justice. She also makes me look 1000 times better than I actually do IRL, though perhaps she's captured the true me in a way I don't appreciate often enough.

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