Friday, July 18, 2008

Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act?

Katie and I are sitting in a seminar called Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act?

The word radical is being debated by awesome women and I am so fucking lame that I'm just happy to be here. (That could be the hangover talking.) Behind me right now are Liz Mom 101, Sweetney, Kristin, Jen Sharpen, Kristen Motherhood Uncensored, and a bunch of other incredibly talented bloggers. Everyone is playing nice so far. I am shitting my pants with excitement. I can't believe I have become that woman. I really thought I was too cynical to fall into that camp.

I personally think that MommyBlogging is a radical act. That's why I am not snarking on this trip. Because holy fuck, there are lots of us, but in the world of moms we are a select few, blazing a trail for the women that will come after us. Letting them feel free to talk about the good parts and the bad of having children. Making others feel less alone. Blogging takes balls. And no matter our differences, all us blogging mommies are in this together. I didn't really get that fully until I came to this conference.

So also behind me is Catherine aka Her Bad Mother, with her beautiful baby Jasper. And while we've had our share of disagreements over the years, I hugged her hard this morning. Because I felt her struggle with wanting to be here and having to deal with being a mom too. The stress of wanting to go to Guy Kawasaki's house last night (over an hour away!) and then dealing with being there with a needy person who doesn't know that shitting all over his mom at a very hip party might make things a bit tough... well I totally get that.

I am surrounded by women with slings , shushing babies and Twittering and absorbing. We are all trying to do our thing while raising the kids that we love. I feel very proud to be part this incredible community of smart, fierce, radical women.

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