Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have questions, need answers

Hey kids, I don't ask for much, but today I have two mini requests.

1. If a company were going to give you a promotional tchotchke, as a mom, what could they give you that you would use on a regular basis? What have you received from a company that you use frequently? For example, I got a magic 8 ball at BlogHer that is completely the reason the world is dying. I'm not interested in producing more junk. But there is value in a usable freebie, no?

2. If you were going to ask a question to sexy HGTV handyman Mike Holmes, what would it be? (Try not to ask if he wears underwear under those overalls. I need legit questions.)

ETA: Sorry, should have been clearer. Need questions along the lines of soliciting advice in terms of home buying, construction, renovations, etc. How to get sunglasses out of the toilet was a good example. (Thanks Heather!) The Lurker's comment had some golden nuggets in there as well. Thanks readers! Have I told you I love you this week?

In exchange I have two CDs from Canada's queen of kids' music, the JUNO award-winning Jen Gould, to give away. If I use your answer, or question for MH, I will contact you and send you a CD. Cool?

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