Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't come and knock on my door

(I also wrote this on Saturday and didn't finish, but I'm still mad about it so here it is.)

I don't know why I thought the "famous" bloggers would be stuck up. But I did. You may have too. But for the most part, when I put myself out there, everyone has been nothing but nice.

That being said, there are like 1000 women here or some shit. There is no way we all get along. My roomie left today and Katie is equally hungover, if not worse than me. I'm feeling a bit vulnerable.

A blogger whom I used to love and was so happy to meet in person has a bad attitude. I hate finding that out. To be snarky is one thing, but to be snarky to the face of someone who genuinely likes you and has never done anything to offend you... well that's just assholery. The transaction went down like this.

Blogger: (coming out of the Maggie Mason session): "God, I can't listen to Maggie Mason talk about herself anymore."

Me: (ignoring the comment, smiling, happy to see Blogger): "Hey you!"

Blogger: "Did you ever watch Three's Company? Do you know of Three's Company?"

Me: (ignoring the obvious jab at my Canadianism): "Totally! Loved Three's Company."

Blogger: "OK, so then, do you know Janet?"

Me: (furrowing my face because I think I know what's coming): "Um, yeah, of course I know Janet."

Blogger: (evil smile) "You're Janet."

Ugh. Why? Why go there? Nobody likes Janet. I was almost named Janet and though I did not like being named Nadine when I was a child, Janet was not the alternate of choice. (At the time, I really wanted to be a Tiffany or a Jessica.)

Of course I totally played Janet when Jenny, Jack and I played Three's Company in 3rd grade. (Jenny is still Chrissy Snow.) But only because I was the little brunette and I had no choice. If I didn't play Janet in the sandbox, there would be no role for me.

Ugh. I think that this woman was trying to be all "I don't give a fuck" at the conference, but after the Janet comment and something else she said to a dear friend of mine, I think it was clear that she's totally insecure. But hey, we were all insecure at the conference. It may have made her feel better to be "funny" and call me Janet, but it really made me feel like shit.

I am really, REALLY sorry Joyce DeWitt. My intention is not to make you feel equally bad with this post should you Google yourself as many times in a week as I do. (That's Google myself, not Joyce DeWitt.) Janet was nice and all. Pretty even. But she was the smiley goody goody. And while I completely admit that there's a part of me that identifies with that (I am the oldest after all) the delivery of the comment made it feel like a slap in the face.

So let's get it straight k Miss Bitchy Blogger whom I used to like a lot. If I am anyone of the less appealing characters on Three's Company, it's Mrs. Roper. Now hike up my muu-muu and kiss my ass!

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