Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog Spotted

I have been sitting on this post for a couple of days. Mostly because I think it's even kind of pretentious to acknowledge. I mean, who the fuck am I really? Just some loser who needs validation by writing about her innermost thoughts on the Interweb.

Anyway, last Friday I think I was blog spotted. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's always a little creepy. Mostly because the reader just stares instead of coming over for an introduction. I had spent the day at Kew Gardens with a friend and her tykes. We parted ways (she drove, I walked -- which is noteworthy because I was proud of myself for not taking the car.) and decided to hit Meat on the Beach on the way home for a couple of things. The stroller doesn't fit in that tiny store, so I did something I'm not proud of: I left the stroller between the fruit stands outside to go grab a few veggies for the shish kebabs I was making that night. Then I sent Nate to watch his sister. Yah. I know. But there was no other choice.

OK, there was one other choice, which was to go to No Frills and buy pesticide covered veggies, but trust me, my children were safer outside a store in the Beach than at the vortex of mutants beside me. Anyway, I digress. This information is of no relevance to the story, unless the mom I am about to mention was giving me a smug look that I did not recognize.

There was another mom in there with a stroller and I noticed her smile at me. At first I thought it was the universal "Hey you're a mom too" smile. But when we left the store and headed to a nearby park at Nate's behest, she was there once again smiling. I smiled back, but suddenly her face showed a familiarity that was more than just "I just saw you at the meat store." It was more like, "Hey, that's her. And that must be the famous Nate. There's Loogoo tanking it up again. Oh, they are just like she writes about them."

So if I'm not a completely self-absorbed asshole (I will admit to being a somewhat self-absorbed asshole) and that was, in fact, a dear reader, "Hi!" I thought your skirt was really cool and your daughter adorable.

All this to say that if any of you anonymous people ever see me out and about and think, "Hey, I read about her sex life!" please, please approach and say hello. I know it's weird, but it will make me feel a hella less self-conscious if I know you're staring at me because you "know" me and not because my tit is hanging out of my top because I breastfed my almost-weaned child on the fly to shut her up.

Holy fuck! BlogHer is going to be one huge blog spotting thing, isn't it? I'm going to be like, "Omigod! There's Amalah! And she's so pregnant just like she says she is. Omigod!" Must remember to keep that in check.

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