Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Against the Wind

After dinner most nights, the Dog takes the Goose upstairs for her bath, while Nate keeps me company as I wash the dishes.

Monday night, we were listening to music as I cleaned. Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" came on the iTunes -- a song I never listened to before I married the Dog, except when it came on in Home Depots. Halfway through the song I looked over at the step stool where Nate hangs out to find him sitting on it, shoulders stooped in sad pose.

"What's the matter buddy?"

Natey Drama sighed a big "Woe is me" sigh.

I came around the counter to face him. "Is the song making you sad?"

He nodded yes, eyes to the floor, hands in his lap.

"It's OK Nate. It's not a sad song, it's a wistful song. That means he's singing about a time in the past and thinking about how much he misses it."

He looked up at me, pretending to understand, or so I thought.

"What does the song make you think of, Nate?"

He looked at me earnestly and replied, "I'm thinking about (here's where I got so excited that he possibly understood the concept of wistfulness -- and then...) firetrucks."

Huh? Thank goodness he looked down again after he said it, because I was totally hiding my laughter. "Firetrucks?"

He nodded his head oh so seriously, something he does when he's trying to seem adult. "Because I really miss those firetrucks that we saw at the fire station at Sam's birthday. I want to see them again."

By George I think he's got it!

Oh great. Now he has another emotion to contend with. Like my dramatic preschooler needs to feel more things. Damn you Bob Seger.

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