Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reasons the coffee shop makes a crap office

Top 10 things I love about the coffee shop as my office:
1. The coffee -- it's really good
2. The people who run it are truly fabulous people
3. Free wi-fi
4. The light that streams in
5. The sound of the streetcars nearby
6. My kids aren't here
7. Neither is my husband
8. I'm supporting a neighbourhood business
9. They have the best banana bread
10. The tables are more comfortable than my desk

Top 10 things I hate about the coffee shop as my office.

1. The person to the left of you will laugh out loud at her emails.
2. The person to the right of you will talk annoyingly about how she's going to piss off her kids by selling her Haliburton cottage, that they were so lucky to buy before Haliburton "blew up".
3. You can't control the music that they play in the cafe.
4. Other people come in with their kids and either make you miss your own kids or make you wish you never contributed to the annoying universal disruption called crying kids.
5. Random weirdos walk by the window with weird shit like rabbits on their shoulder
6. You end up consuming so much coffee that you are as shaky as the crackies walking by and making eyeballs at your pretty laptop. Or maybe the caffeine is making me paranoid.
7. Annoying "indie" director dude and his lackie will talk loudly at length about the musical horror movie they just wrapped on.
8. Very young aspiring composer will pass his card to directory dude and try to network
9. The guy that makes the delicious sandwiches will sometimes walk out of the kitchen and scratch his ass with the latex gloves ON. Aren't the latex gloves meant to protect us from ass scratching?
10. I don't have the discipline to block them out.

So I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of plans, ordered from my fave DIY site and mag, for a swank 100 sq ft shed to be built in the back of my yard. Ever since reading Faulkner Fox's seminal momoir Dispatches From a Not-So-Perfect Life, I have been craving what I now refer to as "the Foxhole."

Some writers dream of a Thoreau-esque hermit shack in the woods. I dream of Fox's garage-turned-office in the back of the house. It's pretty good. You can see your kids from a distance. Or pull the curtains closed to get work done. You're not in the house, but you're near the house in case of emergency or boobs required.

With the Dog and I both having active arts/freelance careers, we are a) always broke and b) always in need of private space to do thinking, concentration, etc. Our current set-up works-ish, but it's really become apparent that we need something more. Especially since my fun jaunts to the local coffee shop are proving to be more mirage than oasis.

Fingers crossed that the DIY portion of this building project goes well. Will keep you posted with photos as it comes along.

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