Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh look! Free blooks!

Well it's been a LONG time since I gave away free books here. For one, I no longer work for the lovely free book company. (Detailed post to follow.) For two, I was so pregnant and then doing the newborn thing for so long that I think I've just been keeping my reading habits to myself. (I'm sure if I listed them 99% in the last year would be sleep books -- seriously, I should have a sleep PHD after all this.)

Anyway, I have freebies to give away. For one, because the big and lovely free book company still loves me. (*sigh* the feeling is mutual. The decision was tough...) And for two, the big book company really loves all of you.

So who here loves Paris? Who loves London? Are you like me? Are you torn between your Francophilia and your Anglophilia? I won't ask you if you like reading blogs, because if you didn't you would not be here.

Well what if I told you that one of the biggest bloggers on the web (NO. Not Dooce! Argh. Why does everyone immediately think of damn Dooce?) had written a blook? What if I told you that she's a Brit, living in Paris and that her blog was Petite Anglaise? Does that strike your Coronation Street-watching, croissant-eating fancy? It does mine. I'm halfway through aforementioned blook and can't wait to turn off this laptop and get back to it.

So then what if I told you that I had THREE copies of Petite Anglaise the blook to give away? Not quite enough to get you dancing behind your desk? What if I said that the three winners of this lovely Eiffel Towered blook would also get to come to brunch at a very posh French resto in Toronto in June, where the author will be joining us via webcam? (The day before her wedding no less!)

The first three people to email me (scarbiedoll[at]gmail[dot]com) will win an advanced copy of Petite Anglaise by the one and only Catharine Sanderson, AND brunch at an amazingly reviewed establishment with other bloggers or blog-lovers. (Don't be shy non-bloggers. You read. That's all you need to do to win really.) But we need an extra skill-testing level here. You must write me in Franglais (so that I have a good laugh) OR just send me the names of three fabulous places in Paris. Could be bistros, or cafes or shopping destinations, even parcs.

Oh and for those who don't win, Catharine Sanderson will be doing a GUEST POST HERE! On my little blog. How cool is that. I think she'll be dropping by May 30th. I'll keep you posted.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be sneaking some Madeleines up to my bedroom so I can quell the stress as I continue reading about Catharine's... predicament. (Though really, a trip to her blog sorta tells you that all ends well, but I keep pretending I don't know that so I enjoy the read more.) Bon soir!

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