Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ANTM: Viva Roma

Well, since I'm catching up on my TV, I might as well weigh in on ANTM this week.

I kinda hope Anya doesn't win, because she could actually be a successful model. And let's face it, Tyrant Banks has never turned out a working model. The winners do one cover shoot for Seventeen, one Covergirl ad and then you never see them again. (Except for that first one that ended up on Surreal Life and bizarrely married Peter Brady. Oh wait, Caridee did one horrible turn on Gossip Girl last year as Bart's date.)

Witney needs to watch tape of herself on the show over and over again and then just not do whatever it is that she's doing. I've had it with her. Come on girl! We need some size 10 heroes! Enough already.

Fatima -- whatever. She bugs me, and I'm certain she bugs you as well.

Dominique -- oh dear. I am starting to love her a bit. She's just so herself. Plus Miss Jay saying he still thinks she's a "brother" made me spit tea across the room. This poor woman has a BABY! But yes, there is definitely something unmistakably tranny about her. And I live for good tranny humour.

Katarzyna -- I'm a bit sweet on her too. She's got a bit of attitude. I want to see more of that. They keep treating her like some smuggled in Russian Natasha when she's clearly a very American girl.

Lauren -- well, well. Even your doppelganger Martha Plimpton knew how to rock a room. The apathy thing won't get you past 25. After that it's not cool to not give a shit anymore. You can be edgy without being blasé about things that make you uncomfortable.

What did you think of the show? Looking forward to next week? Who's next to go? I have seen my sister's pics with those shitty Roman gladiators molesting her and her bestie and lemme say, I think that could make for good TV fodder next week.

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