Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Fridag

We like using Norwegian words around here. They are funny to say if you never grew up saying them. Especially if you use the awesome sing-songy Scandinavian intonations. Fridag is fun to say. Try it. (Sounds like free-daag.)

I feel like linking today -- mostly because Thomas the Tank engine is about to end and Lucy's naptime is almost over. I'm about to venture into the embarrassing world of trying to make eggs look like Spiderman, or is that Spidermen? But now that I am no longer the hug and kiss of choice for either of my men first thing in the morning, I must go that extra mile to compete against she who can barely sit up just yet. Oh dear. I did just say that. But sadly, it's true.

This post about peeps (the weird Easter treat, not your pals) at Anne Nahm is funnier than Norwegian words like kjottkaker (sounds kinda like shitcaca but means meatball)

BlogAntagonist wrote about faith in a very cool way. This is something I'd like to pontificate on soon. (Maybe for this week's Scarborough Sunday.) Maybe if we could see God (or whomever you consider a higher power, if you in fact do think there is one) the way BA's son sees her... if we could find comfort and parallels in the imperfection of those who are on top... ah... this deserves a blog post. Need to let it marinate before I serve it up.

Since it's Christ's day and all, I'll be self indulgent and link to my article on the incredible composer Christos Hatzis.

Everyone's asking their readers to ask them questions. I don't know who started it, but I first read about it over at my blog-twin kgirl's place. (I wanted to know whether kgirl and I are the same person, but I don't think my question made it. Or kgirl figured that the answer was definitely yes and gave me the virtual shrug.) It's seems contagious. So why not. ASK ME ANYTHING. What have you always wanted to know? I'll pretty much tell you anything.

I had a question. I was wondering why the heck my TV had fingerprints all over it. Then I recorded this in action.


Did you miss that? Here it is again. (Ignore the mess please. The kids' crap is everywhere because I'm home alone with them both this morning and I am letting the inmates run the prison today.) Too bad Super Why doesn't have the power to clean glass surfaces.


At least he's getting exercise, right? Have a Good Fridag everyone. Remember not to eat meat if you're trying to avoid it today. (I always forget. I especially forget that pepperoni is considered meat, though just barely.)

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