Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Introducing Lucine the Daddy-faced girl

I realize I don't actually blog about the Goose that often, so here are some photos. You decide who she looks like. When I see her big grin, she is totally Norwegian baby with her high cheekbones and squinty eyes. The shape of her head, the sturdiness of her body, it all screams Scandinavian to me. I mean look at the Dog...

Nate has a lot of the Dog in him too, but he was born with my Armo darkness, from his mustache and hairy back, right down to my stroke-inducing anxiety. Nate's legs are mine -- a little knock-kneed. His arms have the same skinny Iggy Pop quality mine do. His cheeks are his dad's but his chin, his chocolate eyes... all me. But...

The Armo genes are strong. They are pushing the blue out of her eyes, casting them with a muddy green tinge. When she is calm, she looks a lot like her brother don't you think? Here she sits in her favourite place, where she ends up sleeping, humidifier next to her head, when she's sick and congested -- like all the time because I can't seem to stop this action below.

I keep telling him to stop, that I will make fun of him in the future, but alas, it's to no avail. The boy is in love. Who'd have thought I'd give birth to the one person he'd love more than me?

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