Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This is Marla posting, as Nadine is still recuperating - or perhaps, as I suspect, composing an epic post describing her birth experience, all typed with one hand. Perhaps we should start a pool, betting on the number of times she manages to discuss the state of her hoo-ha? By the way, I just spent a few minutes trying to find a euphemism for vagina that can be typed single-handedly, and couldn't. Anyone got anything? It is Nadine, after all, and I'm just trying to make things easier for her.

But of course, you want to see the wee beastie, and you want to hear how it's going for Nadine.

Lucine! Lucine is fantastically cute - as we can see even in this hospital-issue picture, she is not all squashy boiled red potato and weirdly new and alien in appearance. And just as in Nadine's dream, she is a little girl with dark hair. She is beautiful, and that can be said whole-heartedly, and I for one, am tremendously relieved. Oh sure, we've all had to compliment the wonderful hair or expressive eyes of someone else's child because while children are beautiful little creatures, they're not always attractive and sometimes things get awkward. It's true - once at one of my daughter's classes someone told a woman that her son had a "man-face" - then elaborated that he'll look better as a grown man than he does as a kid. OUCH.

Speaking of OUCH -

Lucine, born at 6 pounds 9 oz was taking her time getting here, as we know how the week before she kept Nadine on tenterhooks. Oh, the instant messages I got from Nadine:

N: "Can I have sex after I've lost the mucous plug to speed up labour?"

M: "If you don't mind a source that has "commune" in its name, they state that apparently you can have sex until the baby is crowning."

Nadine made it through the last stags of her seemingly interminable labour with only a shot of Demerol, and pushed for about two hours. She has minimal damage to the cooch. But more importantly, yesterday, with her mother's care and doses of the food likely to have the best effect, Nadine birthed her first poop since the arrival of Lucine, and I'm so proud of her it's like I did it myself. It's no secret that one of Kate and Nadine's favourite stories about my daughter's birth is that afterward, the only thing that separated my Episiotomy from my anus was a hemorrhoid. My first poop was so bad I had my husband come in and hold my hand, and I cried on his shoulder afterward. So, in those respects and aside from being "tucking fired", Nadine is well, and well cared-for.

And, this says everything about her first born and husband, doesn't it?

It's still early days, and the feedings and juggling bedtimes and baths and everything is hard, and wonderful, and there I can't help much either.

But tonight I'm going to visit, bringing Pocky and hugs and all of the girl clothes I couldn't stop myself from buying once I heard the news, and this most obnoxious little toy car that I found for Nate and couldn't resist, though it will likely wake the baby and annoy the shit out of their mommy. Their mommy - how nice that sounds!

Lucine, with the beautiful name and wonderful Mommy, it will be so good to hold you.

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