Sunday, August 19, 2007

live birth blogging continued

5:30 am: Still nothing. Woke up from hunger, need to pee and swift kicks in the keyster. Some mildly painful contractions, a bit more than a period cramp, but nothing to write home about really.

Have come down to eat a banana, then will try to sleep some more. (Stayed up late to watch The Hills premiere on CTV -- goodness that show is like blonde crack. Recap: Heidi and Spencer = stupid; Lauren = drinking way too much and reminding me of my clubbing twneties; Audrina = so pretty, but so young and dumb; Jen = "that girl" -- everyone knows someone like Jen who plays both sides of the popular scale so that she can be right up in there. Creeps me right out. Oh, Whitney = I heart Whitney. She is pretty, well-dressed and smart enough not to let her personal life get on the show. And she has a really cool job now.) Might have another go at a shag later in the morning to see if that helps the good ol' cervix open up a bit more. Will try for another walk and another big breakfast too.

Am feeling restless. Kinda want it to start already, but sort of afraid of it REALLY starting. (Anyone who's been in labour before knows what I mean) Am I ready? Am I rested? Have I eaten enough? I keep trying to embrace it, trying to envision my cervix opening up like a flower and shit like that, but it's not really working. I've got to get my brain in battle mode and take the pain like a warrior woman. Come on contractions -- bring it on! Bring IT!

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