Monday, August 20, 2007

Family Outing

As I mentioned earlier, we got Nate back and settled in for a family nap. When Nate was dropped off, my parents mentioned that Nate was having some leg pain and difficulty walking. Within five minutes of being home, he stopped complaining and started to play normally.

While Nate was napping, the Dog and I tossed around ideas of what we could do on a cold, grey day that wasn't shopping. Considering Nate would nap until 3:30 or so, our options were limited. The museums were closed and the Science Centre closes at 5 on Mondays. Seriously, for a city so big, there are not many places indoors and open late that aren't commerce driven.

Nate woke up whiny-almost-crying from his nap. I went to hold him and while I was trying to cheer him up, I gave his leg a squeeze. This sent him into full blown teary hysterics. Turning the TV on was the only thing that made him stop crying. He refused to eat or drink, but nibbled on a few raisins and some water after a time. When his mood seemed lifted, he got up to join his dad in the kitchen, but he was stiff. He started to cry, "My legs hurt! I can't walk!" He seemed in excruciating pain. And he was refusing to walk because of the pain. "Please let me lie down so my legs won't hurt anymore," he begged.

"We have to go to Sick Kids," I insisted. "Let's not waste our time with clinics, or other emergency rooms. The kid says he can't walk and he's in pain, then something is seriously wrong."

So we packed up the family and off we went to Sick Kids Hospital -- because that's exactly where someone 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant wants to be. Well, it WAS indoors and not commerce driven, so it met some of our criteria, although most of the evening was spent sitting down when I needed to be walking.

Of course, once we got to Sick Kids, Nate started doing backflips. He was running and jumping and laughing and basically humiliating us in the middle of triage. "We swear! He was in agony an hour ago!" We spent 3-4 hours there and they could find nothing physically wrong with him. He's too young for growing pains, or so they said. 3-5 is more likely for growing pains. Since the pain seemed to affect both legs, they ruled out the possibility of another stroke. His cold was present, but he no longer had a fever, so they ruled out infection. They poked and prodded his legs a centimetre at a time and could find no sign of fracture.

So we left, hit the Thai place up the street on the way home and all sat down to dinner at 9 pm! Sheesh! What a screwy day. At least we got some three of us alone time and really, if you're not actually all that sick and can ignore the sounds of kids barfing blood in the rooms beside you, Sick Kids is a pretty fun place to hang out. The doctors and nurses have incredible bedside manner -- Nate wasted no time flirting with the pretty resident and he even walked away with stickers.

Anyway, if you happen to be getting rid of your DVDs or old VHS tapes, the hospital could really use a new version of the Lion King. Everything from Hakuna Matata on was fuzzy and unwatchable -- but HELL! They have movies for your kid in the triage observation rooms! I mean, they've thought of everything!

I am beat and with the chaos of the day, couldn't really focus on the advancement of this baby. There's always tomorrow. Please tomorrow? Because I promised the Dog that if the baby is born on Thursday (and if it's a boy) its middle name could be Thor. What was I thinking?

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