Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The End of Summer Edition of the MFM Online Book Club

Did someone say free books?

Grab your cocktail, put the kiddies down for a nap -- it's time to get reading again folks. I ain't Oprah, but if I can get a few people to read a book they might otherwise not have heard of, well, then I've done my part. So let's end our summer with a hauntingly beautiful novel by a new voice in Canadian fiction, shall we?

I read Robert J. Wiersema's debut novel, Before I Wake back in June during my Prozac, dismembered finger episode. Needless to say, I was emotionally charged at the time. I had an advanced reading copy and I knew I was going to meet him at Book Expo Canada, so I thought I'd flip through it. But I couldn't put it down. It was killing me that I couldn't even talk about it or share it with my fellow bookworms! But as of yesterday the book is on the shelves, so I can tell you all about it and give away a few copies.

Before I Wake follows a modern couple who must make important, life-altering decisions after a tragic accident involving their three-year-old daughter. Told from the first point perspective of the various key characters, Wiersema effortlessly takes you inside the heads of these people as they make choices regarding life, death and faith. This book will resonate with anyone who struggles with their beliefs.

I would think about this book long after I put it down. The book would be calling to me from my bag, reminding me that the characters' lives were going on while I was at work. And I desperately wanted to know what was happening to them. I would find myself thinking about them in meetings. Were there any changes in the situation while I was gone? Could this book possibly have a happy ending? Ultimately this is a book about hope, a book that stirs the heart and the mind and inspires discussion. I hope that you will read it in time for our discussion here at the end of September.

The author has graciously agreed to take your questions! So read the book and email me your questions and comments. You can buy the book from your local independent bookseller, or via Indigo or Amazon online. And you can feel good about supporting an emerging talent and a genuinely likeable person.

Unfortunately, Before I Wake is not for sale in the US yet. But I do have five copies to give away to the first 5 Canadian readers who email me with the subject heading: MFM Book Club! The winners must agree to read the book and submit at least one question to me for the author by September 19th -- and I will be on your ass about it. Good luck!

Oh and if you don't win but you still want to participate, the Q&A is open to anyone, so feel free to pass your thoughts on to me. I'll remind everyone of the blog book tour stop closer to the date. Happy End of Summer Reading!

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