Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wild Wild Web

Part of my job involves keeping up-to-date on latest trends in the Internet, Technology, Publishing and Entertainment sectors. I do a fair bit of reading online everyday in order to keep up with this. This task is brutal, mostly because Google comes up with something new every 5 minutes, rendering my knowledge obsolete.

Though the Middle East seems to be on fire and though we are afraid of birds with bad coughs, crazy-ass storms, and people bombing us on our already shitty commute to work, this is a very exciting time in our history. We are redefining culture. WE. All of us.

For years we've been told what to like, and we have followed obediently like sheep. But thanks to the advent of high-speed internet, the creation of personal video recorders like TIVO, digital cameras, portable music devices like the iPod or your fancy cell phone, WE are now deciding what we want to see, hear, learn, read and watch. You and I are at the wheel and companies are scrambling to give us what WE want. True democracy. Get it while you can.

They are attempting to pass legislation in the states that would give internet service providers the power to sell bandwith to the highest bidder. So sites like Google and Yahoo would be served up fast because they could afford it, and my little blog? Yeah, forget about it. The issue of Net Neutrality is close to my heart. We've come so far to have a free open forum, one where we are in control. To have AOL or Bell Sympatico decide which sites I can get to easily will send us back to the dark ages.

But for now, I share with you the wonderful things I've come across in my web travels this week. I'll filter it down for you.

1. Wired Mag -- how I heart thee. In this issue they talk about The Rise and Fall of the Hit, which is what inspired this post. And any article that uses Justin Timberlake to make its point is alright with me. (But what's with that title JT? SexyBack? s'if. Don't make me not like you. Please?)

2. What happens when you put Mentos into Diet Coke? Magic my friends. Magic. I know I'm late getting on this bandwagon, but if you're a mom, or just really busy, you probably missed this too.

3. It's sweet insanity at Emily Bazelon's house. Another "I'm not alone" "It's not my fault" combo moment!

When Eli and Simon are high on sugar, they bump into walls and fall off jungle gyms and hit each other. When they crash, they whine and fuss and I can't stand them. My inclination has been to blame other adults for our oversugared predicament. Since my kids and their friends are too young (3 and 6) to be paying for groceries or lining up at the ice cream truck, they need a buyer. But according to a new study by the Institute of Medicine, the parents around me are relatively innocent. The world is conspiring to give my kids sugar.

4. Also from Slate: A classic -- Go Ahead, Sleep With Your Kids

5. Amy Sutherland was doing research on animal trainers and found the key to a successful marriage. (Um...This one might be construed as a touch sexist, but I did find it helpful. Works on your kids too!)

6. Can this company hire me and ship me to London? Please? You wish your corporate website was this cool.

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