Thursday, June 01, 2006

You like me! You really like me!

A Perfect Post
Though this is the type of thing that kind of negates what I was saying in the post that lead to my being awarded a Perfect Post, I admit, I'm ecstatic about it. Because, yeah, I guess I kinda want to be noticed and appreciated. But just so we're clear, I want to be noticed in passing, not because of some obscene amount of blog solicitation. But a big thanks to Lisa at Niihaus for thinking I'm special. I didn't know her before this event, so clearly the PPA is not a case of friends nominating friends.

What the fuck am I talking about? Well, some blogging moms (Mommy K at Petroville and Lucinda at Suburban Turmoil) came up with the idea of a Perfect Post Award. People on the panel can choose a post that they read each month -- one that really stood out for them -- and give it a Perfect Post Award. Do you follow? I didn't get it at first either. It's a sort of filter than gives you the best of mom bloggers each month.

I wasn't trying to be provocative when I wrote my winning entry a few weeks ago, but I knew it would cause controversy in my circles. I had no idea that Blogging Baby (thanks Kristin and Jen!) would link to me in my moment of grumpiness and spark such a debate.

I'm glad I have touched a nerve with so many women and that I was able to say what I felt others must be feeling, but not saying out loud. My motto has always been to be honest (my tagline should read: I say "fuck" -- a lot.) and I felt my writing was getting skewed by the culture that was quietly starting to build. I am guilty of falling into it. It's no one else's fault -- I am aware of that.

My whole point of running this site was to document the things that no one told me about and help others in the process. I do believe that my Blogging Isn't Cool Anymore Post falls into that category.

Let me know what you think. Does the Perfect Post Award add to the whole cliqueyness of Mom Blogging, or does it serve to promote the Mommy Movement?

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