Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Not Ready to Make Nice

OMFG I like the Dixie Chicks. When the fack did this happpen? It started with admitting to like a bit of Kelly Clarkson, then Jack Johnson and that damn addictive Curious George Soundtrack. Suddenly I'm a generic radio hit-loving whore. OK, I've always loved pop, but I used to be able to balance it out with some sore-neck-inspiring baddy rock like White Stripes, some deeply-haunting esoteric mood shit like Sigur Ros, and some proper hip hop like The Roots. Now I'm getting goosebumps on my neck when the string section kicks in and Natalie Maines belts out the climax of the song. Say what!?!

Oh God, help me now. Anyone have some current CD or song suggestions? Save me before I end up in Goo Goo Doll hell!

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