Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Please Excuse Our Appearance...

I'm working on some changes around here. I've signed up for Bloglines. That way my blog roll is private and I can still follow everyone's writing without playing favourites. I still love you all, I just wanted to try this out for a bit. A test of sorts. We're not breaking up, I'm still here, just watching from the sidelines. I'm having the hardest time without site meter. It's hard to gauge how I'm doing without it. But withdrawal is a 12 step process. Ha!

I'm also heading out with the blogging mommies tomorrow (Thursday) night to the Fox and the Fiddle on Laird avenue near Eglinton. Again the invite is open to anyone who wants to meet the author Ann Douglas and personally thank her for helping you through something with one of her great books. Or maybe you're like us and you want to know what kind of shoes your favourite blogger wears. So come, OK? RSVP to -- don't worry she doesn't bite, though her cat BooBoo does.

Please take the time to read my interview with author, columnist, photojournalist, mother Jennifer Margulis below. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her books. And my first bloggy interview turned out pretty funny I think. Maybe you don't? Read it and leave me a comment. I thrive on comments now that I am without Site Meter.

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