Sunday, May 07, 2006

10 Pound Challenge Update #1

OK, so how's it going for you? Here's how my weekend -- and my muffin top -- has been shaping up.

Friday was the last day of the conference at work. I started paying attention to the typical mistakes that I make every day. For instance, I had what may be the best croissant in Toronto at Mercato on Toronto Street. And as if a buttery croissant wasn't bad enough, I washed it down with a coffee with three creamers. Bad start to Friday. We walked to lunch, from King to roughly Dundas (the length of 3 subway stops) to Salad King, where I had veggie spring rolls with water to drink. Fried, but not bad if I'm sticking to cutting down on the whites.

When I got home Queen Nomad and her hubby Green Genius were in my house! We hugged each other tightly and giggled about how we missed feeling our Buddha bellies jiggle against each other. She brought me European chocolate (uh-oh) and we sat around drinking tea and catching up. It has been 8 months since we last saw each other. Far too long for two friends who love each other so much.

After the Dog left for work, the rest of us headed to the daycare to pick up Nate. I was worried that Nate would not remember his godparents, that he would make strange, but no, he was totally at ease with them right off the bat. We took a long walk through the cute side streets that lead towards Queen St E and dreamed of a day when they might be a short walk away from me (they're staying with her brother in Vaughan until they get work, etc). I bought some healthy stuff at Meat on the Beach, beers at LCBO and then back home to make up my famous fajitas.

Queen Nomad has an aversion for things of a creamy texture, so it was easy to leave sour cream out of the fajitas. I made guacamole with tomatoes and green onions and decided that a bit of grated cheddar cheese would be OK for the diet. I couldn't find the whole wheat tortillas, so I ended up having white flour. Hmmm, not the best.

And I couldn't have my best friend over without a pint of Ben and Jerry's could I? Drat. Friday was not a good diet day, but I did end up taking two long walks which I hope cancel out my bad eating..

Saturday I woke up, giddy to have my bf in the house. We had brunch with Green Genius's best friend, M, and his fiancee N, at Sunset Grill on the Danforth. I had Eggs Florentine. I only had half a piece of toast for dipping, but Florentine in itself has super fatty Hollandaise sauce on it over poached eggs (not fried), spinach (good) and English muffin (not whole wheat - bad). I skipped the potatoes that came on the plate, but had coffee with cream again -- gotta switch to milk at least.

Then we headed to a gallery, where M's photography was showing in the Contact festival. Nate ran around the showroom and left his own artistic mark -- a dirty handprint on a wall. This lead QN and I searching frantically for a diaper wipe to clean the offending baby grafitti. The gallery owner didn't seem too keen on us letting Nate run around his place of business, so Nate and I bid farewell to our friends and headed up to my folk's place.

At Yaya and Dede's, Tante walked in the door with a pizza. Again, not whole wheat dough (can't we just outlaw white flour?) and fatty cheese (oh cheese, how I love thee) but at least it was cheap pizza, so there wasn't loads of it. I played with Nate in the yard for a while and then left to meet the Dog for our first official date night in a while.

We went out to see MI3. It was a totally awesome date movie, action packed and with the added bonus of being directed by JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias, Felicity). The movie took itself lightly, which is what made it so enjoyable. My favourite element of the movie was that JJ decided to reference memorable Tom Cruise moments from his body of work. So MI3 is dotted with these "Easter eggs" and you can make a game out of just trying to pick them out.

The Dog got butter on his popcorn, so I only took two handfuls. After the film, we ran into some friends who invited us out for Vietnamese. I almost said yes, because I'm usually the more social of the two of us. "Um, actually, we're on a date," the Dog said, "So we should probably just stick to the two of us."

We headed to Kubo Radio where we shared spring rolls (what can I say? We love spring rolls!) and a mango and shrimp salad. I had one Lychee martini and a few sips of some other mango martini that was super barfous. I was tipsy and my liver was glad to be put to work -- we have to start somewhere. The Dog and I talked about all sorts of things, the types of things that fueled our minds before Nate. (We have a date rule where we each get ONE, and only one, "Nate mention".) We took a cab home and fell asleep watching a pre-McDreamy Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love.

Watching what I eat involves more concentration than I've been giving it. I don't know how to say no to myself. I feel like if I want it, I should have it. What could it hurt? This attitude hinders me in other areas of my life too. For example, I think this way when I'm shopping too. I guess that in order to get anywhere with these damn 10 lbs, I have to alter this way of thinking first.

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