Friday, December 16, 2005

What the F&#% is WRONG with People???

I had a lovely post planned to continue my Night Before Christmas theme, but I woke up this morning to something that made me lose all faith in humanity. I have asked the following question a thousand times already this morning, but I will repeat it once again for all y'all, because the more I say it, the less sense it makes and I'm hoping someone has the answer.

Who the fuck would steal a stroller, from a BABY, off my porch, RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS?

I have a good suspiscion who.

Last night was the 15th of the month, meaning (I'm about to be so mutha fucking politically incorrect here) Welfare cheques were doled out. To most people this doesn't mean anything. To those who need it, perhaps it offers them a chance to pay some bills, buy some food and try to survive in this expensive city for another month. To those who ABUSE it, like my next door fucking neighbours who were EVICTED and decided not to leave, it means PARTY TIME.

They were out all night partying away. Outside of the house, in the snow, coming and going in cars, very DRUNK mind you. I was just out shovelling the snow and I saw a messed up woman and loser guy (they looked seriously fucked up) stagger out of the house. They don't live there.

Lord help me I want to kick some ass. What do I do? Do I call the cops and suggest that it was my neighbours or their loser friends? They've had a high chair covered in snow sitting in their yard for 2 months. These are people who think that if you attach a snowblower motor to a bike with a pipe cleaner, you can have your own motor bike! NO JOKE! "All the kids are doing it these days," the youngest skid said after he asked us for some pipe cleaner.

We are not wealthy people. OK, wealthy by third world standards -- yes. But our car doesn't start and has a dent in the side. We've lived with our tub duct taped to the wall because we couldn't afford to fix our bathroom until I went back to work. We spent every dime we had on a home for our baby boy. We're hard working people who are just trying to make ends meet like everyone else. We ride bikes and take transit. We are kind to strangers. We try give what little we have to charity. We shovel out neighbour's walk. (not the skids, our nice neighbours on the other side. The skids can go fuck themselves) Why? Why? Why would someone do this to us?

I can't fucking believe this shit. And it's actually nice enough out to have taken a stroll with the all terrain tires. It's not the thing itself, it's the principle. It wasn't the most expensive stroller, but it was a gift from my mum-in-law and sis-in-law. And frankly with Christmas and crap and being on sort of a fixed income right now, I can't afford to get a new one. Not a semi-decent, tires won't fall off when they touch the snow one anyway.

Now the fact that someone could come right up to my front door while I'm sleeping really pisses me off. I am so used to those idiots making noise out front that I've learned to ignore it as opposed to waking up and seeing what it might be. But the gloves are off. I am getting them kicked out come hell or high water man. Their days on this street are numbered.

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