Sunday, October 23, 2005

When I got off the plane, I was greeted by a lovely woman named Marlene (never met a Marlene I didn't like), who was holding a sign with my name on it. How cool is that? And right under my name was the name of another Toronto filmmaker, Michelle Francis. As we were waiting for our bags, she announced that she had a one year-old at home and it was her first time being away from him. I announced that I was in the same boat and I had freakin forgotten my breast pump. (I know, I know) She looked at my with her beautiful blue eyes and said, "You could borrow mine." Serendipity at its finest my friends. We had them switch our rooms so we were together and we basically had this whole townhouse to ourselves. It was like being in Paris Hilton's dorm or something. We would take turns using the pump and calling home to check on the babies, and then head out for adventure.

The first night we went to see our own films. We had to get up and introduce our films, which I totally fucked up because I was so nervous. My sister-in-law's in-laws came to the screening and it was nice to have some familial support there even if we're not actually related. People laughed at the appropriate spots and I felt good while watching it again. Michelle's film, Undo is about abortion and was really quite good.

Afterwards, the film fest people took us all for drinks. We tried to chat with the other directresses but we got the "I'm too cool for you vibe" from a few of them, particularly THIS one. I think it was because...

a) we were moms. They clearly don't know that moms are the new black.
b) they thought my Boolenciaga bag was real (pictured in photo). Tante bought a AAA fake on eBay and just couldn't live with herself once she finally figured out it was fake. You have to be the CIA to know it's fake. If I walked into Holt's they'd try to sell my broke ass another $1600 bag. It's leather and hot and I ain't Sienna Miller, so I was willing to fork out the buck fifty she paid for it.
c) I was next to Jan for every stage of making this film... except when he wrote the credits (he only credited me with coming up with the story with him. Uh, hello? That's love for ya.) I guess they were wondering how we got into a Women's Film Fest if it looked like hubby did all the work.

Then a really drunk Newfie came up to us and said, "Wow, you girls all have really great tits!!" I looked him flat in the eye and replied cooly, "Thanks. Our sons really think so." And we left the bar. Michelle and I mostly skipped the schmoozy stuff -- mostly because neither of us read the WELCOME pamphlet until I was leaving -- and just hung out together. I hope that we'll stay friends because it was great meeting her and she really saved my ass.

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tomama said...

Well THIS one missed out on meeting one cool chick. I find the more B-listy the person, the frostier they are. Case in point - I've been dissed by Pauly Shore.