Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's over...

OK, it's only almost midnight, so perhaps it's too soon to say this...

I think it's over with me and the good Dr. Weissbluth.

Yeah, all his stuff on establishing bedtime routines and distinguishing day from night was good. But we had too good a day today to even think about Dr. W for a while.

The day started with the Dog taking the Pup and feeding him breakfast while I got a few extra winks. I think he felt bad when Nate bit me twice at 5 am, inducing tears and a cry of, "I can't do this anymore." This morning though, it was apparent that teeth # 5 & 6 are coming in up top, so maybe I'll cut the babe some slack. Big maybe.

I got showered, actually blow-dried my hair into a style, put make-up on (including liquid eyeliner!) and managed to find enough clean clothes to put together something that resembled the fall fashions. Nate had a Dr's appt at 11 and we actually made it on time AND found free parking. It did take a whole hour before the doctor saw us, but the waiting room was like a daycare of newborns and 18-month-olds, so it was fun to watch Nate actually interracting with other babies. We weighed him and he put on a pound since the neonatal check-up we had a month ago (where he had gained no weight - scary).

So he's now a skinny 17 lbs 4 oz and 27.5 inches. That's on the small side for a 9 month-old -- like in the 5th percentile, so 95% of babies his age weigh more than him. So the doc suggested two formula feedings a day to fatten him up. I'm all for that after the bitings. We made it out of there by 12:15 pm and it was off to my waxing appointment!

Yes boys and girls, the season is over, yet I decided to de-sasquatch my long-neglected bikini area anyway. Even though the Dog doesn't mind when you can't see my forest for the trees. Or is it trees for the forest? Nevermind. So Blondie kindly met me at the spa on her lunch to watch Nate while I caught up with our lovely Romanian wax lady. Isn't that the best kind of friend someone could hope for? And I have many of them who would all have said yes to this request, for which I am truly blessed. It does help when you have a really cute baby to bait said friends in, however.

Then Blondie and I walked to Holt Renfrew to meet V and baby Matteo. We tried on $500 sunglasses and $600 Kate Spade purses for fun, gushed over cute babies and how much they've grown and then Blondie went back to her desk while V and I got lunch. Nate was an angel and ate a whole jar of Earth's Best Turkey Casserole (this was a winner!). I mostly make my own baby food from home, but when you're out you gotta go jar for convenience. He liked it so much that we took a trip to Whole Foods so I could get some more.

He napped in the stroller and drank formula as prescribed and Mommy didn't have to whip it out in public. I usually don't give damn and have gone blind to awkward stares and glances, because breastfeeding is so convenient, but it's nice not to have dried milk on your shirt too.

We met Tante at 'Bucks (she's spending the next few days here) and drove home together. I made my wild mushroom risotto while she bathed and dressed him (the Dog is working the night shift) and we drank wine and watched Amazing Race. My parents even dropped by for an hour to see their prince. And Nate giggled and flirted all day and fell asleep at roughly the same bloody time he always does.

So I feel great and my son was happy as a result. I should really start taking my own advice. When Mommy is happy, everyone is happy. So Dr. W, it's not you, it's me. I think we've grown apart. We're not on the same page anymore. I just need more time for me.

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samlamb said...

I say good riddance to Dr. W - as if all kids are the same! Sadie was down to one nap at 9 months, I kid you not. And she goes to bed at 9pm or we'll have a 1am dance-a-thon because she'd got energy to burn. Kids sleep when they sleep and we aren't terrible parents for shucking a "schedule." Sadie totally poohpoohs all efforts at routine.