Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Wine, Dine... Soixante-Neuf?

Notice how everything sounds hotter en Francais?

Still no baby, but pre-labour symptoms are increasing. I actually gave in and had sex Monday night to get things going. They say semen is supposed to have prostoglandins which help the cervix to soften. Double that with some love button stimulation and a HUGE pregnancy double orgasm (releasing the hormone oxytocin in the pituitary gland) and you're increasing the factors that help to induce labour. Now I have to eat some Indian food and maybe take some castor oil and we're in business (bowel movements help to bring on labour - nasty but true).

The only problem is that I once again tore after having sex, and since I haven't gone into labour yet, I assume I have to keep trying these methods so the baby will get here on New Year's Eve. That might be a bit "owie" considering I do have to push a baby out after all that. Will think on it some more.

The Dog and I have been spending lots of time around the apartment, watching flicks and getting in the alone time that we will never truly have again. Yesterday his folks came by and we took them out for a nice lunch to celebrate his mom's retirement. We had a really good time and I did indulge in half a glass of wine. I half enjoyed it and was half plagued by guilt for doing it. Dammit. Do I have no self-control?

Baby is moving really well, playing footsie with me. He sticks his foot out and I grab it, then he retracts and back and forth we go. The Dog likes to kiss the spot where his foot sticks out and have Baby kick him in the face. Funny.

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