Sunday, December 05, 2004

Thanks for the Mammaries

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This is KPL, Blondie and moi of course! OK. I look like a deer in headlights, but you can see here that my breasts are gigantic and my belly is lower (or maybe you don't see that). The top was a big hit (Old Navy baby!)

The hardest part was not drinking when the booze was flowing so freely—hence that euphoric look on Blondie's face. But somehow I made it through. The other hardest part was that no one wanted to have adult conversation with me. All they wanted to do was talk about the baby and feel my belly. I think the official most annoying question has become, "When are you due?" Especially when people ask several times. It's not a hard date to remember people! New Year's Fucking Day!

Anyway, spent much of the night talking to my work boyfriend, who was the only one who seemed to want a non-baby conversation with me. *sigh* It was nice to have one last night of crushing on him. He's super hot. the other fun thing was watching Suzy Q in action trying to "get something going." We eventually had to leave her behind and Blondie and I caught the company-paid-for charriot home just after midnight. And I did, indeed, turn into a pumpkin! Where is my fairy godmother now? (Oh yeah, he's in the photo - LOL!)

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