Tuesday, October 26, 2004

WMD: Weapons of Mass Dairy

So what has been going down? I have officially passed Week 30, which means only 10 weeks to go to Week 40, aka D-Day, or should I say B-Day? Less that 8 weeks of work to go, which is a blessing.

My gazongas are now big enough that they can be referred to as such. The books are saying that I may start leaking Colostrum (that's what they call the pre-milk)and I should consider buying some nursing pads - just in case. Well I'm just one leaky mess soon, aren't I?

I remember watching something on banned substances during the Olympics, and one of the the things that it is not illegal to take that happens to be performance enhancing is Colostrum. Whaddya know? If I had the timing right, I could've flown down to Athens and breastfed some athletes for some extra cash. Maybe gotten a tan in the process. But alas, my timing has always...well...sucked. Heh.

I also think I need to get a nursing bra. But I just find them so ugly. I'm gonna have to get over it. These jugs are going to need above average support soon and I guess the baby will need easy access for feeding. The Dog is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that a) he has to share soon, and b)he cannot "practice" breastfeeding.

I vaguely remember that it was either in Farenheit 911 or Michael Moore mentioned it at the screening that night... but I recall this story that airport security in the States made this woman drink her own breastmilk (she had probably pre-pumped it for the ride) because they didn't believe her when she told them what was in the bottle. I hope whomever that evil airport worker is realizes what a stupid ass thing that was to do. The poor woman was so humiliated.

I also read a posting from some guy who works in the film industry and was flying with his pregnant wife to his friend's wedding in Vegas. He told the story of how he was pulled aside and his bags were searched and when he finally made it to his wife, she was crying. The airport security peeps had made her lift up her top in plain view. She was humiliated also. The guy caused a scene ("What did you do to my wife?"), as would be the common reaction of any man defending his pregnant wife's honour, and was subsequently arrested and they missed their friend's wedding. Apparently, breasts are dangerous to American freedom, especially ones with milk! Fear these new means of terror people! They don't call them torpedoes for nothing!

Needless to say that I won't be going anywhere for a while. Don't need that hassle. And what scares me even more is that my son could be born under the regime of that fearmonger. I pray the elections go well next Tuesday. And if you don't vote, well then why even bother to fight for freedom? You're not exercising your free rights anyway. Might as well call yourself a slave and move on. Apathy is the worst disease of our generation. Every voice counts. Let's hear what Americans have to say next week. The world awaits you to do the right thing. I pray that the Good will prevail.

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Anonymous said...

You know what's weird? I'm at 39 and a half weeks, and my boobs? Still the same size. I'm wearing the same bras I wore pre-pregnancy. It's starting to worry me. I have bought two super-duper fugly nursing bras, though. So attractive, right? But you gotta do what you gotta do. I had forgotten about the breastmilk thing in F9/11 until we watched it again the other night. Ridiculous. Also, I, too, hope and pray that people make the right decision come Tuesday. But you know that this thing might be tied up in the courts forever, considering what happened in 2000. And unfortunately, if it goes to the Supreme Court, G-Dub will be back in office yet again. Sigh. Is there any room up in Canada for me and my baby?