Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Belly Achin'

I feel like ass. Overdoing it on the weekend has had several repercussions, and one of them is this horrible sore throat that I've been fighting. I also missed yoga last night again, because of feeling so terrible. So my back freakin hurts and I'm grumpy.

But I did call in sick today. And apparently I missed some good crazy talk by Hippy Dippy mom at yogs last night. Last week she was on about something crazy that I forget. Something like she moved out of her parents' house at 16 and was signing her own notes for school. She also did some crazy baby talk, but I tend to block it out now, since I wish to be nothing like her. Blondie and I are scared of her. Oh yeah, she was talking about the "energy" of the actual birth and how I was making her want to be preggers again. Then she was telling us how she scalded her nipple over a steamer full of vegetables. Like were ya topless? Even Shantih was like -- OK, that's too much info -- and she's a freakin' yogi!

So last night Hippy Dippy tells Blondie how she froze her placenta and buried it in the backyard! Can you freakin' believe it? You can't make this shite up. Just as I was Messengering back in shock that I was surprised she didn't make her husband eat the placenta in an omelette (a quick Google search will provide many placenta recipes to make your partner feel like part of the birth process -- I think it's new age canibalism), Blondie writes that apparently in the "home birth community" eating the placenta is the norm. Barfous. Hippy Dippy told Blondie she was "gauche" for asking why she didn't just throw it out. Funny stuff. Who's the friggin' "gauche" one, you placenta-burying, nipple scalding freak?

I have to admit that I am secretly glad she comes to class and freaks us out. It takes all kinds and in order to figure out where you fall on that line between sanity and insanity, or even just your place in this world -- well, it's good to see extremes.

I finally booked the pre-natal classes, including one that teaches you about bathing and changing diapers. I think it's important for the Dog since his infant experiences have been close to nil. So the room is coming together, the classes are booked...the H&M Toronto Flagship opened last week and we got to go to the private party with L'il Louis Vega spinning his house classics... the point Scarbie? Oh yeah, so I bought the last of the maternity clothes and also some cute things for Baby, including a snowsuit. The Dog keeps placing the snowsuit around the apartment, like in a chair, or in the bed -- propped up so it looks like a little kid. Funny.

I also bought him his first quasi-gay Clinton from What Not To Wear outfit -- an argyle vest and the matching socks. I'll have to snap a pick and add it in. But it's just too freakin' cute! It's all coming together slowly. Now all I have to do is get my Christmas shopping done by mid-November and then just sit and wait. 90 days or so until the due date! Yowza!


Anonymous said...

gross. i've heard about placental-munching. there's a lady that owns 'earth's general store' here that is burrying the placenta and planting a tree over it. that's much more tolerable than placenta parmesan. and if i think hard enough, it seems like an ok idea--not that i'm going to do it. but go ahead, be one with the earth, my children.


Anonymous said...

I know this couple... we'll refer to them as Granola People, okay? Well, the husband wanted to fry up his wife's placenta after their kid was born, but they ended up burying it instead. It's all too weird for me, thanks.